You Go Gun Free

Mayor of Seattle Mike McGinn, frustrated that the state legislature didn’t pass gun control legislation, is asking businesses in Seattle to voluntarily become “gun free zones”. Participating businesses get a “gun free zone” sticker for their window [ref].

What absolute idiocy.

I would NEVER in a million years want one of those stickers. Might as well post a placard saying, “Rob Us, We’re Unarmed”.

Criminals certainly aren’t going to obey the “gun free” mandate. Even if they did, they’d still have the means available to rob and perpetrate violence, whether using knives, clubs or plain old brute force. For law-abiding citizens, firearms are the great equalizer, and a potent deterrent of typically-cowardly criminals.

Frankly, I want law-abiding citizens, especially store and shop owners, to be armed. I want them to be able to use deadly force to protect lives and livelihoods from the pestilence of evil depraved lunatic low-lifes that prey on their fellow man.

Leftists, on the other hand, defying reason, logic and common sense, do everything in their power to enable and protect criminals. Perhaps they are afraid that one day they’ll be caught in the act, looking down the barrel of the gun of a well-armed law-abiding citizen?

In Seattle, participating businesses even agree to ban concealed carry permit holders [ref] — people that have undergone extensive background checks and training in order to exercise what is a Constitutional right.

“We just want universal background checks”, says the anti-gun crowd. Hogwash. That won’t satisfy them. What they really want is to disarm everybody, which really means that law-abiding citizens will be at a decided disadvantage against both criminals and despots.

Sadly, the anti-gun crowd refuses to face facts I’ve already written about extensively, that more guns in the hands of more law-abiding citizens correlates with decreases in murder and violent crime. Meanwhile, more often than not, strict gun control laws bring with them increases in homicides and crime [ref, ref, ref, ref, ref, ref].

The infographic below, put together from sources including the DOJ, ATF, Pew Research Center, the National Safety Council and Gallup, definitively shows that in spite of ever-increasing firearm ownership in the U.S., homicides and crimes committed with firearms continue to decrease [ref].

Even if that wasn’t the case — even if firearm crimes were increasing instead — the idea of “gun free zones” is still idiocy, and, gun control of all sorts is, in fact, unconstitutional — regardless of what laws have been passed and what convoluted illogical explanations have been concocted by judges and justices.

Do the legislators and judges and justices that legislate law-abiding citizens out of their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms go unarmed? Is their Secret Service detail toting “gun free goon” stickers instead of high-powered pistols and rifles? Are their bodyguards relying on brawn only? No.

To Mayor McGinn (and to all politicians and elitists) I say: You go gun free. I want you to banish all firearms from your home, and from Town Hall. I want you to have police protection at least 10 minutes from wherever you are. Don’t be a hypocrite. After all, you aren’t any better than anyone else. You are a public servant. The protection of your life and property is no more important than the protection of the life and property of the least known citizen in your town.

Gun Crimes Plummet Even As Gun Sales Rise 


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