Their Silence is Defining

On July 9th in Florida three black 15 year-olds brutally beat a 13-year-old white boy on a school bus [ref].

Not a peep from Barack Obama, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

This wasn’t the first time the trio opted to remain silent.

They didn’t protest back in April when Dallas Watts of Toledo, Ohio, was beaten by two black criminals who shouted “[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon … Kill that white [man].” [ref]

They were mum when two black Chicago criminals robbed and beat a white man, confessing to police that they chose a white victim because they were angry about the killing of Trayvon Martin. [ref] Obama is from Chicago. There was no pronouncement that one or both of the black crooks could have been him or his son if he’d had one.

Cats had their tongues when a mob of twenty despicable black cowards in Mobile Alabama used pipes and chairs to beat Matthew Owens, a white man, telling him their attack was “justice for Trayvon”. [ref]

They remained silent when, in their own political backyard of Washington DC, three black crooks robbed and beat a white male, while yelling “This is for Trayvon Martin”. [ref]

These and numerous other similar atrocities committed before or after the Trayvon Martin trial were somehow not worthy of the time or attention of Obama, Sharpton or Jackson.

Yet when a black 17 year old Trayvon Martin was shot dead in the process of beating George Zimmerman (a Hispanic), Obama, Sharpton and Jackson did everything in their power to  impute the killing to anti-black racism, and to incite popular sentiment against Zimmerman, in spite of the fact that it was a clear case of self defense, and in spite of the absence of any evidence of racism by Zimmerman.

But they won’t touch these other incidents — true atrocities — with a ten foot pole.

If in any of these other cases the perpetrators had been white and the victims black, Sharpton and Jackson would have read the riot act, and Obama would have found some way to further divide us with his rhetoric.

On the Fox News program The Five, Bob Beckel, a liberal Democratic strategist, lamented the fact that Obama, Sharpton and Jackson hadn’t spoken out against the beating of the 13-year-old Florida boy:

“I can only speak for this liberal, and I find it appalling that my side has decided to remain silent on this, whether it’s Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton — even the President of the United States. It seems to me this is an opportunity for us to say that you can’t excuse this action because these are three black kids and one white kid. It seems to me now’s the time to step in and say this is unacceptable no matter what color they are.” [ref]

Absolutely right. That is exactly what real color-blind leaders would do.

Beckel continued his lamentation:

“If I were Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, this is an ideal opportunity to step out and say ‘I’m not like they [Conservatives] think I am.’ But they won’t do that.” [ref]

Why won’t they step out and say something? Why don’t they prove people like me wrong about them?

Why not? Because we aren’t wrong about them. They are what we think they are. Their silence defines them: Obama, Sharpton and Jackson are racists. They are bottom-feeding radicals with a divisive agenda, exploiting crises that they think will achieve their political ends and expand their power.

A Side Note: Race shouldn’t matter. The rule of law, and equal treatment under the law, should be the rule. No particular case should receive more prosecutorial or political attention because of the races of those involved. The actions of the accused, and the condition of the victims, should be the only factors considered. Sadly, people like Obama, Sharpton and Jackson, and the mainstream media, cherry pick cases of all sort (not just criminal), emphasizing race and, in the process, they exacerbate existing racial tensions, and they create new racial tensions.

A Second Side Note: There is little in this world that I despise more than mob violence. Groups of people who gang up on an individual or a smaller group of people to commit violence and break the law are despicable inhuman cowards. Mob violence should be punished severely. I think their punishment should be increased proportionate to the degree that they outnumber their victims. If, for example, the normal minimum punishment for aggravated assault is five years, then aggravated assault by two assailants against one victim should carry a minimum sentence of 10 years. In the case of a mob of 20 against one, the minimum penalty should be 100 years. Then perhaps they’d no longer feel that there is safety in combining with other criminals. Perhaps then these depraved animals would be deterred from their barbarism.  If not, then at least they’d get what they deserve.

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