Overwhelming Evidence of an Agenda

In his State of the Union Address the other night, Obama drew guffaws and laughter when he said “I know that there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence for climate change, but…”

I like to think that the reaction to that statement was from people who couldn’t believe how ridiculous it was.

Of course there is overwhelming evidence of climate change. No intelligent person denies the reality of climate change. The earth’s climate has been changing ever since it was created, and it will continue to change. We don’t need scientists to tell us that. And we certainly don’t need politicians to tell us.

But you and I know that Obama wasn’t really talking about climate change. He was really referring to so-called man-made global warming. However, calling it global warming would have drawn even more guffaws and laughter, since the overwhelming scientific evidence shows that the globe is no longer warming, and hasn’t been for over a decade. In fact, many scientists are now predicting as much as thirty more years of cooling. So Obama and like-minded double-speakers choose instead to call their manufactured crisis “climate change”, since that could be anything and everything they want it to be.

Why does Obama insist on man-made global warming in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary? Why does he try to silence debate with lies like “the science is settled” and “overwhelming scientific evidence”? Could he be stupid enough to believe his own propaganda? Perhaps. But the more likely explanation is that he and his Chicken Little cronies stand to profit from it. How?

Political Power and the associated trappings.

Obama and the leftist socialists he represents are bent on establishing a new world order in which they and their elitist friends run things. The laws and regulations they want to impose at both the national and international levels will increase their power and control over the masses, robbing us of economic and social freedoms, as they funnel your money and my money up to themselves and their appointed bureaucrats to spend as they see fit. Do you think politicians catering to special interests, granting favors and spending out-of-control is a problem now? It’s nothing compared to what it will be if Obama gets his way.

Personal financial gain.

“Green” investments. Carbon Credit trading. Obama’s background is in Chicago, where the whole Carbon Credit trading scheme was hatched. He has personal friends tied up in the conspiracy, and his pals stand to reap huge profits if their fraud is thrust upon us all by legislative fiat.

No, there is definitely not overwhelming scientific evidence of man-made global warming. But there is overwhelming evidence of a political agenda.

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