Old Nancy Pelosi

In an interview on CNN, Nancy Pelosi made the astonishing claim that there is nothing that can be cut from the enormous $4 trillion annual federal budget.

“The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make,” Pelosi claimed. “It’s really important that people understand that.” [ref]

So, to help Pelosi’s effort to educate people about how bare the cupboard really is, I’ve written a little poem modeled after Old Mother Hubbard….

Old Nancy Pelosi
went to her budget committee
to look for something to trim,
but what she found there
were socialists like her
with a tax and spend maxim.

She won’t cut programs
that are duplications
for fear of the voters
in upcoming elections.

She won’t cut Obamacare,
How dare she do that?
Would she know what to cut
if she ain’t read it yet?

She won’t cut her benefits
or her government salary
‘cuz she thinks she deserves
every bit of our money.

She won’t cut back
the fat slush funds
she and her pals use
to buy elections.

She won’t touch entitlements,
‘cuz she’d die of starvation
without enough voters
on the Democrat plantation.

She won’t cut corporate welfare
‘cuz their loss of gain
will negatively impact
her reelection campaign.

She won’t ground her jet,
she’s way too elitist
to travel commercial
like all of the rest of us.

She won’t cut the pork
from a single pet project
that she’s using to bribe
people in her district.

No, she won’t cut spending
‘cuz it’s government bloat
dumb ol’ Nancy thinks
is what keeps us afloat.

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