Obama’s Ever-expanding Enemies List

Back in December of 2012 I wrote an article titled “The IRS and Obama’s Enemies List“, detailing how the Obama administration was using the IRS to attack and intimidate political opponents. It wasn’t long afterwards that the IRS targeting scandal broke.

I could now add dozens of pages of additional damning evidence against Obama and his minions. At some point I may find the time to do that.

For now, I just want to mention one other conservative that the IRS targeted, undoubtedly at the behest of Obama or his aides.

You remember Dr. Ben Carson? The highly successful conservative black man who eloquently spoke his mind this past February at the National Prayer Breakfast, criticizing Obamacare and other Obama policies, with Obama in attendance? (You can read my “Dr. Benjamin Carson for President” article for a refresher.)

By some incredible coincidence the IRS audited Dr. Carson shortly after his National Prayer Breakfast speech. Of course they came away empty-handed. [ref]

Coincidence? Ha! You have to be smoking something if you are convinced the audit was a coincidence. Yes, there’s a minuscule chance that it was coincidental. But an overwhelming preponderance of evidence compels me to convict Obama in my court of published opinion. (See below for several evidence links…)

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