No Such Thing as Gun Violence

Several months ago during a Sunday School class I attended the instructor went on a tangent about gun control. I held my tongue as she preached against guns and decried “gun violence”. I wanted to jump out of my seat and shout, “there is no such thing as gun violence!”

Guns aren’t violent. They are as inanimate as rocks. You never hear anyone talking about “rock violence”. Yet people get hurt by rocks all the time. Knife violence? Nope. Fist violence? Uh-uh. It’s guns that get a bad rap.

People are violent. Criminals are violent. It’s “people violence”.

No guns? Violence will still exist. That’s because guns don’t cause violence. Out-of-control people full of lust, greed, anger or hatred perpetrate violence. Banning guns will be no more effective against violence than banning violence would be. We’ve already banned violence, and the ban doesn’t work.

Strict gun control and outright gun bans have all been tried at different times and places, most with poor results, and some with horrific results.

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