It’s Climate Change, Duh

After Hurricane Sandy blasted the Northeast United States, Bloomberg Business News published a cover page headline saying “It’s Global Warming, Stupid”. The obvious implication being that anyone that doesn’t agree that Sandy was caused by global warming is stupid.

What a stupid headline.

As if large hurricanes have never before caused flooding along the New England coastline. And let’s ignore the fact that the late season storm’s impact was augmented because of unusually cold arctic air from the Jet Stream [ref].

Never mind that scientific data shows that since 1997 global temperatures have been stable, and that the world is actually colder now than it has been over much of the prior 10,000 years [ref].

So to what can Hurricane Sandy be attributed? Climate change, of course. But not the same “climate change” conveniently hi-jacked by the global warming alarmists when their warming hysteria didn’t pan out. The climate change I’m referring to is the natural variability that always has been, and always will be.

It’s climate change, duh.

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