School forces student to change shirt with silhouette of a hunter

Reported by The Blaze on 2013-10-03

…Haley Bullwinkle … never thought her [shirt] choice would get her sent to the office with a request to change her so-called ‘violent’ attire. Her shirt showed the silhouette of a hunter with the words ‘National Rifle Association of America: Protecting America’s Traditions Since 1871.” … Haley was sent to the principal’s office and was given a school-issued shirt to change into.

Yet another irrational attack on both First and Second Amendment rights. The leftists are doing everything they can to brainwash our children with the bone-headed belief that guns are evil.

School shows students pro-Obama I Pledge video

Reported by Fox News on 2013-09-27

A Wisconsin middle school in the Hudson School District played the pro-Obama “I Pledge” video as part of their Peace One Day event. The video features brainless celebrities pledging allegiance to Barack Obama. For example, rock singer Anthony Kiedis says “I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama”, while actress Demi Moore proclaims “I pledge to be a servant to our president.” It is mind-boggling that anybody would make such idiotic pledges, and it is outrageous that supposedly intelligent school administrators would suppose for even one second that showing such brazen outlandish political propaganda in school would ever be appropriate. Such crap is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR, and is contrary to every ideal that founded and made America great.

LA school system’s free IPAD debacle

Reported by The Los Angeles Times on 2013-09-26

It took exactly one week for nearly 300 students at Roosevelt High School to hack through security so they could surf the Web on their new school-issued iPads, raising new concerns about a plan to distribute the devices to all students in the district….

Once again, government proves its incompetence when it comes to… well, anything at all. You want inefficiency? Implementation problems? Waste? Loads of unintended consequences? Then let the government do it. As Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

Sixth-graders learn all about Jay-Z, Big Pimpin’

Reported by Fox News on 2013-09-25

Students at a Southaven, Miss. middle school were educated in the ‘Big Pimpin’ thug life of Jay-Z, and the school district can’t imagine why anyone would object to lessons on reading, writing and rapping….

Who in their right mind presents as a role model to children a crude, profane man who glorifies prostitution, gangs and thuggery?

Parent arrested on trumped-up charges for speaking out against common core at forum

Reported by The Baltimore Sun on 2013-09-20

Robert Small said he wanted to express his dismay over the introduction of a new school curriculum at a public forum Thursday night in Towson, but instead the Ellicott City parent was pulled out of the meeting, arrested and charged with second-degree assault of a police officer….

Assault of a police officer???? Outrageous. Watch the video. Mr. Small did nothing even remotely close to assault, never mind that the brute who “arrested him” was an off-duty officer working as a security guard. As he was led out, Mr. Small cried out to the other people, “Don’t stand for this. You are sitting here like cattle. Is this America?” Good question. Where is the courage of people to stand against tyranny? Today’s America is a mere remnant of the America that defeated Nazism, and even of the more recent America that won — yes WON — the Cold War. We are afraid. Afraid of the police state that our behemoth government is shackling us with.

Ultra-liberal professor’s vulgar rant disrupts college Republican meeting

Reported by Fox News on 2013-09-19

From that great bastion of academic freedom known as Temple University comes another example of a liberal professor bullying conservative students with a bevy of F-bombs… Joseph Schwartz, a political science professor [and] card-carrying Democratic Socialist … along with a handful of his followers, took over a right-to-work discussion hosted by Temple’s College Republicans…

I try to avoid personal attacks, but sometimes it’s impossible, so here goes: “Professor” Joseph Schwartz is an imbecile. First of all, because he is a Socialist, second, because he opposes right-to-work laws, and third, because he doesn’t have a shred of decency or courtesy. If I was President of Temple University he’d be looking for a new job.

Student suspended 10 days for accidentally bringing pocket knife to football game

Reported by on 2013-09-18

A 16-year-old boy was suspended this week for reporting to a security guard at a Friday night football game that he had a pocket knife with him. [He] was asked to leave the game immediately… On Monday, he was handed a 10-day out-of-school suspension.

Ridiculous. The security guard should have simply escorted the young man to the gate so the knife could be put in his car or brought home, and then he should have allowed the boy to return to the game. Instead, he reported him to the principal, who committed the second injustice, giving the boy a suspension. A zero tolerance policy? I have zero tolerance for idiotic zero tolerance policies.

Jail in Germany for home-schooling

Reported by The Blaze on 2013-08-30

The Romeike family’s very public legal battle has brought to light the homeschooling community’s ongoing battle inside Germany. Educating children in this manner is illegal in the European nation, which led Uwe and Hannelore Romeike to inevitably seek refuge. While the family’s battle for asylum in the U.S. continues, there’s another story coming out of Germany that will likely send chills down the spines of homeschooling advocates. On Thursday, Dirk and Petra Wunderlich reportedly saw authorities storm their home and remove their four children, ages seven to 14. The offense? Continuing to homeschool their children, despite the government’s laws against doing so.

Absolutely outrageous, and an extremely blatant violation of fundamental rights. By all the laws of God and nature, parents MUST have the privilege to choose to home school their children. Any government that denies that right is despotic and evil. Period.