A homogeneous brain-washed bunch of group thinkers

I’d never heard of her before, and you probably haven’t either, but Sandra Bernhard (an actress, I hear) wants to be the one that does the thinking for the women who voted for Trump.

After all, says Bernhard, these Trump-voting women are not “able to think for themselves”, because they are “under the thumb of [their] husband[s].”

Thank goodness these women now have Bernhard to tell them who to vote for and what to believe.

If only Bernhard could think for her self.

I can’t imagine a more homogeneous brain-washed bunch of group-thinkers than Hollywood celebrities (and wanna-be celebrities like Bernhard).

And I can’t imagine a more independent-minded action than voting for Donald Trump in the face of the overwhelmingly negative mainstream media coverage and celebrity opposition that pervaded the run-up to the election.

The women who voted for Trump didn’t have to vote for him. Men didn’t accompany them into the voting booths with guns to their heads. Any woman who wanted to vote for Hillary was free to do so in the privacy of the election booth.

But Bernhard cannot imagine that women could have different ideas and values from hers — if they do they aren’t thinking for themselves! She makes the absurd claim that women that choose to bear and raise children have somehow “compromised”. And she goes on to assert that women who didn’t vote for Hillary somehow feel “inadequate” and intimidated by the education, experience and ambition of Hillary.

All of these claims are definitive proof that Bernhard cannot think for herself. She’s apparently unable to imagine that Hillary’s scandals and lies, or Hillary’s leftist policies and ideologies might have factored into another woman’s decision not to vote for Hillary.

“Women should have voted for Hillary because Hillary is a woman!”, is the lemming lament of the left. The devastatingly disappointed Democrats were counting on another victory like when lots of lemmings voted for Obama just because he was black.

What’s funny, and pathetically sad, is that Bernhard isn’t even smart enough to realize that the system of government that she, Hillary, Obama and the Democrats want to implement, namely Socialism, is a system of government that discourages and prevents people from thinking for themselves.

Socialism is all about big government, lots of regulations, higher taxes, and fewer choices for the masses. On the flip side is Capitalism, the government system Trump and his supporters favor, which is about smaller government, less regulation, lower taxes, and more choices.

No, Bernhard doesn’t really want women thinking for themselves. Like a good Socialist, she wants to tell them what to think.




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