A Callous Disregard for Life and for Truth

The following was submitted by a Truth is Reason reader from Connecticut

I recently heard Senator Blumenthal speak about the horrific experience of seeing the tiny broken bodies from the terrible tragedy in Newtown. I fear that the real import of this wake up call in this tragedy is being ignored.

Senator Blumenthal, as a legislator, should take time to visit an abortion clinic and watch as tiny and helpless bodies are ripped apart by “medical professionals” who, having the permission of government, have put aside their humanity and their natural affection to participate in barbaric acts of inhumanity.

Perhaps he should consider the tragic effect such callous disregard for life is having upon our society.  How does he explain that in excess of fifty-five million lives have been tragically ended so soon after their beginning, and most of them only because they were regarded as an inconvenience to someone? How does he support such actions and then propose to convince our society that life should be protected?

With a typical liberal desire to take advantage of tragedy, Blumenthal, along with too many other employees of the electorate, is attempting to fit the problem into a convenient little box pretending that it is caused by guns, rather than the permissive, soulless, depraved liberal society they are fostering. They suppose that government can put an end to tragedy by imposing new laws and restrictions upon law abiding citizens. It is like preventing forest fires by outlawing trees.

We in this State are proven fools, for we continue to give permission and support to so many who participate in the progressive destruction of truth, common sense and responsibility. The advantage enjoyed by liberals, as I see it, is that their lack of integrity leaves them unencumbered by truth; and the terribly frightening outcome is that people hearing their lies over and over begin to believe and to perpetuate them.

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